Febuary 2009- Tour Rond 3792m Gervasutti Couloir (D+ 45°-50°)

Posted: January 24, 2010 in Ski, tour

The Tour Rond is a great place for day tours, having several routes and easy access from the Aiguille du Midi. Brendan and I set off from the first bin and were quickly at the bottom of the couloir.

A face on view of the Gervasutti, much snowier than the day we skied it.

We did not know what the conditions in the couloir were like, but fortunately when we got there found it with enough snow in to ski. However there had not been any fresh snow for a while and the conditions were marginal. Climbing up the couloir was easy as the snow was very hard. The top 30m was just ice and rock so we put in a rope and down climbed. From that point we put our skis and snowboard on and made our causcious first few turns. The snow actually gave good bite for our edges as although hard it was even and not too icy and we were able to ski it reasonably quickly. It was great practice for more serious decents in these conditions, and is a very beautiful line. Luckily the snow out of the bottom was soft as we had to jump the bergshrund which was not yet filled in very well. Once out of the bottom the weather started to come in and the light was flat. As the light was bad Brendan inadvertantly boarded into a crevasse which was partially filled, but was fine and managed to climb out of the other side unscathed. Finally an easy blast down the Vallee Blanche got us back to Chamonix in time for dinner.

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