April 2009- Col du Tacul 3337m Capucin Couloir (D+ 45°-50°)

Posted: January 26, 2010 in Ski, tour

On this day the conditions were perfect all over the Mont Blanc massif and many steep slopes were being skied. My usual ski partener for these types of descents was away, so I decided to go and ski the Capucin with Hugh and Martin which was a good introduction to steeps for them without being exposed or too committing.

The Capucin couloir viewed from the other side of the Lechaux glacier.

After doing the Haute Route a few weeks before, the climb up to the couloir seemed short although the snow was deep. You do not climb the couloir its self as access is much easier from the other side. The top section is quite steep but is nearly always reppeled due to rocks. The snow in the couloir was nice as it stays cold due to being in shade nearly all of the day. There was an icy gully down the middle of the couloir where the snowslides had funneled down, which I skied in for a bit of practice.

After the couloir itself the ski down to the Lachaux glacier was amazing, about 30° and deep powder. We then rejoined the Valley Blanche at the bottom. At a small uphill section Martin took his snow board off to climb up but slipped and stupidly threw it into a crevasse! All was good though I sent him down to retrieve it.

Looking Back down the climb up to the couloir with Hugh and Martin below.

Martin at the end of the climb.

The amazing view of Mont Blanc's Brenva face from the top.

Looking down into the couloir.Hugh repelling the rocky section.

Looking back at the couloir after sking it.

Martin in a crevasse.


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