Mont Blanc du Tacul- Diable Couloir (TD+ 50°-55°)

Posted: April 11, 2010 in extreme, Ski, tour
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Yesterday Brendan and I jumped on a first bin up the Midi Planning on some steep sking which we got in the Diable Couloir. The snow was varied on the decent. Near the top after the split with the Isolee the snow had transformed the day before but when we set of at around mid day it was still frozen. In places there was a breakable crust sitting on top of powder snow and in others it was just very hard and a little icy. Further down where the couloir gets wider we stayed on the right bank to avoid the icy central gully. It is very steep here but the snow was perfect for steep sking, it had stayed cold and there was a few inches of soft snow, giving great edge hold. The narrow bottom section is well filled but icy in the center where the snow has fallen out. We put in a rope of 15m for the ice step at the bottom. We took a few photos of each other as best as we could on my broken camera which are below.

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