Col de L’aiguille Verte- North Face (TD 50°-55°)

Posted: April 20, 2010 in extreme, Ski, tour
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On Sunday Brendan and I were planning on climbing the Swiss route on Les Courtes but the hut was full so we went up to the Argentiere glacier with a tent on Saturday. We got a last bin up and made the high traverse under the aiguille Verte to get as far up the glacier as possible before pitching the tent. We noticed that the Col de L’aiguille vert had some ski tracks on it from earlier in the day and decided to change our plans to try to ski it. The Burgshrund is still quite open and difficult to pass, we tried in one spot and failed but once we found our way through we made quick progress climbing as there was only a very small layer of soft snow. The weather quickly started to come in and at about 10am we found ourselves in a white out over 2/3rds of the way up. It is not much fun trying to ski 55 degrees in these conditions on hard snow so we decided to wait for a break in the weather and ski from where we were. The snow for the top part of the decent was hard but lower down there was a soft layer sitting on top making for some fun turns. We found out today that the guys who had skied it the day before had to turn around not too far above where we did due to ice showing through. It has snowed since but i think it has probably been to cold for this to stick to the ice yet. The route can be seen below with the green dot showing where we skied from. I also managed to snap a few pics of Brendan during the break in the weather, we got very lucky as it came out of the cloud for about 15 min giving us time to ski but then it didn’t clear again all day.


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