Monte Viso 3841m- Couloir coolidge

Posted: May 12, 2011 in extreme, Ski
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Last week Luca, Cedric and i headed over to italy to Monte Viso. Luca had been told that the coolidge couloir was in condition and was keen to go as it had never been snowboarded before. Neither me or Cedric had ever heard of the line but it turned out to be one of the best decents i have ever had. It had everything, some technical skiing on hard snow, some big powder turns, loads of exposure and some mandatory rappels over the 1100m of decent! Some of Cedric’s great photos are below.

The Coolidge couloir on Monte Viso

Me(left) Cedric(center) and Luca(right) in my van

walking to the snow line

Our first view of Monte Viso coming out of the clouds

The bivi and start of the couloir

The sun coming up over the bivi

Climbing the couloir

Half way up

Luca approaching a narrow crux to pass the ice

Me skiing in the spindrift after passing a rocky section

Me in spindrift again

Luca passing the ice without rappel

Me after the ice crux where the couloir opens for some great skiing

Sustained and steep but in good snow

Fun turns in great conditions here

Luca passing the final rocky crux before the easy exit

Me about to enter the same crux


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