Kuffner arete

Posted: July 13, 2011 in Alpine, Climb
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On monday i headed over to the Fourche hut with Jon and Dave with the plan of heading up the north face of the Aiguille Blanche de Peutery then up the Peutery ridge to Mont Blanc. We set the alarms for 1.45 as we wanted to make it back to the Midi for the lift down that day but when we got up the temperature was still above 0 and it would have been too risky to do our desired route. The main objective was to do some acclimatisation so we decided to head up the kuffner after a few more hours sleep.

It turned out to be a much shorter day than planned and me and Jon were back at the Midi by 9.30 which was a good job as i was feeling the altitude. Dave who was already acclimatised carried on to the top of Mont Blanc and made it back not too long after us. Jon took some great photos one is below, for more of Jons great photography check out his blog Alpine Exposures.

©Jon Griffith


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