Tour Ronde- East face

Posted: May 21, 2012 in Ski, tour
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Last week a group including myself, Cedric Bernardini, Brendan O’sullivan, Tom Grant and Sylvain Reynaud headed up the Tour Ronde for some corn skiing and for the view into the Brenva basin from the summit.

Having skied several other routes on this mountain I had still never been to the summit as it is rocky and you ski from just below it, finally I have put this right!

From the top we spotted our next big objective was in condition and another that was not far away…. Then some great spring snow for the descent on a beautiful day. Normally I am looking for the biggest steepest line to ski but this made me remember how much fun stress free skiing in great company can be.

Climbing up

Cedric with the aiguille blanche and noire de peuterey behind.

Tom and Sylvain arriving at the summit.

Brendan on the way down


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