Posted: July 11, 2012 in Ski
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Back at the start of June i had a quick hit on the Gervasutti couloir on Mont Blanc du Tacul with Luca Roli from first bin. It was a hot day after a storm and the fresh snow had turned a bit wet but we had some fun skiing and a good day. The couloir is pretty mellow for the most part (compared with the other lines on the east face) with a few steep turns in the choke.

A week or two later another storm came, this time putting down a LOT of snow, me and Cedric caught a last bin up to try and ski the Gerva in powder the next morning. I even took some big reverse camber skis. Unfortunatly there was no safe way up to the top of the tacul so we bailed only 100m up the triangle after some scary sounds from the unstable snow pack. A good call as we watched a big slab break off as soon as the sun hit.

Luca heading up the Mont Blanc du Tacul North face

A Little higher up, with the Aiguille Verte in the background

Looking into the couloir from the top.

The scary serac that guards the top of the couloir.

Luca skiing the top section.

The Heli hovering around watching us.

More people skiing the couloir, Italian friends of Lucas.

A very wintery Mont Blanc du Tacul in the middle of June and one of the many avis on the day me and Cedric bailed. Gerva is the large couloir in the middle of the photo.

The Tour Ronde N face plastered with snow on the same day. A Line i would like to ski in good snow, it was very hard when i was there.


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