SW couloir Col du Diable, Col du Christaux, Aiguille du Tacul shoulder and Helbronner days

Posted: April 27, 2014 in Ski
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This winter had a lot to live up to after the consistent heavy snow falls we got last year, although it didn’t last as long we still had our fair share of powder days. Especially on the Italian side where the Helbronner lift delivered some of the best lift served free riding around.


Ben skiing under the Helbronner cables. © John McCune


Perfect conditions for my Whitedot Redeemers. © Tom Grant

You have to make the most of what you are given and less snow than last year meant more sunny days to go into the high mountains. Brendan and I managed to ski a great little line on the Col du Diable  in nice spring snow conditions, unfortunately I forgot my camera so I only have photos from my phone.

SW couloir, Col du Diable.

SW couloir, Col du Diable. © Tom Coney


View of Mont Blanc from the Col du Diable © Ben Briggs


Ben at the top of the couloir. © Brendan O’Sullivan

There were two tours that stood out for me this year, neither are extreme and I had skied them both before but the snow was perfect and made for fast and fluid skiing. The first was when Liz Daley and Danny Ulhmann invited me along to ski the Col du Chrisaux with them and we found perfect conditions. It wasn’t just the snow that made the day but the constant high spirits and banter. I would highly recommend Danny as a Guide, not only is he very competent but great fun- http://www.firstlightmountainguides.com.

The second was unexpected, Brendan O’Sullivan and I headed up the Midi with some big plans but found terrible conditions on our chosen route. We had spoken to Liz and Paul Lang in the lift and were heading to the Tacul shoulder. We decided to bail and join them. We caught them up near the top of the assent. The change of plan was a good one and once again we skied perfect powder with big smiles all round. Check out Liz’s website, she is one of the best back country female snow boarders around and is always getting up to something cool- http://www.lizdaley.us

Last year I discovered how much fun freeride skis with tip and tail rocker can be  for steep skiing.  When the snow is good I can ski faster and in a more playfull way with a ski of that shape, unfortunately they are often too heavy for ski touring. This year I been skiing on Whitedot skis and find myself taking my Carbonlite Directors out for all of my ski touring. They are incredibly light but still ski as well as a full weight ski, a bit of a revelation for me. As well as a perfect powder touring ski I have been surprised at how well they have performed in spring and hard snow conditions.


Ben on the way up the Col du Christaux. © Liz Daley


All stoked at the top. © Liz Daley


Ben Skiing near the top. © Liz Daley


Aiguille du Tacul. © Liz Daley


Paul ripping it. © Liz Daley



  1. Rob says:

    Ben… brilliant work and photos. Thanks for sharing!! Whats your setup, Director carbonlite & Plum?

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