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The Y couloir, can you spot us in the photo? Cedric Bernardini

The upper part of the Y couloir, we skied the lookers left hand branch. Can you spot us in the photo? © Cedric Bernardini

Last year I made several failed attempts on the Y couloir due to weather or snow conditions so as soon as it was filled with snow I was keen to go. It has always been a dream of mine to ski off all four sides of the aiguille Verte, and this was the third part of the puzzle. (more…)

Photo- Luca Pandolfi

Photo- Luca Pandolfi

Yesterday I headed out for my first tour of the year with both my oldest and newest ski partners, Brendan O’Sullivan and Tom Coney. Early in the season often the best steep skiing is to be found on the Southern aspects as the cold snow doesn’t bond well to icy North faces. The Fins had recently skied the Y couloir and reported good conditions, none of us had skied this line before so after a snowfall and a few days to let things settle we caught the first lift up GM with it in our sights. (more…)